Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

Ahmadinejad ?


If Calmeyer fought for the survival of Jews against the Nazis, who today fights for the Jews against Arabs? Certainly not liberal American Jews, who act more embarrassed by the existence of Israel and a last western-civilization outpost in Jerusalem than they act concerned about the lives of Israeli Jews.

Ahmadinejad has indicated a willingness to follow Turkey’s lead in creating the next Caliphate. Is this man Ahmadinejad important to the future history of Western Civilization, or just the crackpot that he is sometimes made out to be, seemingly willingly on his part? Unlike Saddam Hussein, no ardent believer in Islam and only a pretender in weopens of mass destruction, Ahmadinejad wields a real ability to create a true Middle Eastern Bomb, available not only to military rulers of states like Pakistan, but also to radical Islamists for the express purpose of another Holocaust upon the Jews, this time concentrated in Israel.

The Takiya pretense (the justified lying by Muslims to advance their faith)  is simply amazing: that 1) there is no bomb-building and 2) that terrorist radicalism is not directly sponsored out of Iran more than any other country except the two-faced Wahabists of Saudi Arabia, and 3) that those bombs will not be used as soon as they are ready by Islamic terrorists.

Does the gullible, short-sighted West have any answer? No. Indeed, we are inviting the Caliphate through inaction and fear, and repeated self-defeats in the face of real victories in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, if only the advances were sustained by staying power and resolve?

Ahmadinejad’s unstealthy plans may yet implode (with Israeli bombs), as Lybya’s Khadafi’s plans did (with American bombs), but it will be a very close call. Every future call will get closer, every emergency from here will get tighter, as a Muslim-leaning Presidency in America makes inaction and withdrawal all too easy for America and the rest of the world. While western Europe and other nations were coaxed into somewhat reluctant alliance with America in the past, today’s alliances are not even pretending to be motivated by any articulated ideals. Is this the final decline of the West, when projection of western laws and ideals is no longer feasible on economic, military, or philosophical grounds? Are the freedoms that were fought for in such costly ways in the past no longer attractive enough?

Let us step backward a bit, to something that appealed directly to Calmeyer’s son Peter, who worked diligently to uncover Iran’s great history, in Peter’s case focused on Darius. In the British Museum there is the Cyrus Cylinder, hailed as the first charter of human rights. The 2,500 year old cuneiform  cylinder with the revered words of the ancient King of Iran, Cyrus the  Great, is testiment to the glorious past of Iran. A distant past which  many Iranians hold dear.

And yet, an emerging power embodied in the black robes of  Ayatollah Khomeini, resulted in the explosive 1979 Revolution which  brought to an end 2500 years of dynastical rule. Iran’s non-Arab identity is now subsumed by its theocracy of imposed Islam on all the populace. Which will win out? Has the West lost the Persian caucasians? Does it matter anymore?

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