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Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

Erdogan ?


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We have ranged far and wide in the discussion of topics relevant to the Calmeyer Legacy of a Lawyer for Life. How do we arrive at a connection to a future Caliphate and a leader named Erdogan? Why would we care about Iran and its fully-committed leader Ahmadinejad ? What possible relevance could a small man like Calmeyer, in resisting the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, have in the Clash of Civilizations before us, as Christians and Jews are targeted for elimination by ascendant Islam?

One key is the gathering hate and disrespect, almost globally, of the presence in the Middle East of Israel, in its Jewishness perhaps an unexpected candidate for being the last outpost of a once thriving presence of Christianity in the Middle East, well before Mohammed. Some of the residents of Israel today are there because Calmeyer saved their parents. Are they now going to be pushed into the Sea, as Islam demands, if and when a Caliphate arises again, and Arab unity is able to throw out the last gasps of Western power? Like Kosovo, a pawn in Christian-Muslim power of the past (one of the first conquests by the old Caliphate, and again one of the great re-conquests of the West, and just now once again ceded to Muslim domination by a willing and even directly instrumental America), Jerusalem is the great focal point of all Judeo-Christian past and desired Islamic future. A deeply-educated lawyer like Calmeyer, steeped in history and cultures, would have understood the great conflict of religion and law inherent in the clash of civilizations yet to come.

If a Caliphate of Arab and Muslim countries and peoples is re-established, the unifying force will quite logically be Turkey. Arab countries are literally begging the leaders of Turkey, notably Erdogan who has recently become much more openly Sharia-oriented, to take the initiative and bring Syria, Iran, Iraq, and all the other nations of the region together. This includes making peace between Sunni and Shia Muslims, though that may not be fulfilled until the Muslim Mahdi, their savior, and the Muslim Jesus, their prophet, come upon the scene. There are many, including Iran’s Ahmadinejad, who are convinced that all of these events are imminent.

Oddly enough, this fits in well with the beliefs of Jews and Christians, though of course with a sense of dread instead of welcome. While Islam is convinced that it will come across as a “Religion of Peace” when all other believers will find conversion to Islam an obvious voluntary choice built on the obvious realization that Islam is true, Jews and Christians have quite the opposite view. They believe that Islam will try to force itself on non-Muslims in just the way Islam has always had to force itself: by conquest and intimidation. Of course, Christians are rightly accused of using exactly similar tactics of force and intimidation over the years, and so both sides fear the other, rightly so.

Can’t we just all get along? No.

The discussion on these pages has much to do with the pernicious influences of Sharia Law on Western Law. The autocratic and theocratic absolutism of Sharia would have made Hans Calmeyer’s hair stand on end, had not the home-grown Nazi fascists and dictatorial fanatics fully consumed his attentions. The Nazis gladly accepted whole regiments of Arab-Muslim fanatics into their ranks to fight for them in the Middle East, this was an effective combination for a time, and Nazi dictatorial extremism was valued by middle eastern governments well beyond World War 2, despite and indeed because of British colonial occupation.

Will the next phase of Middle Eastern Peace be brokered and guided by Ankara? Most likely.

Whether it is Erdogan or a successor, Turkey has a destiny apart from Europe, which it will not be able to fully join because of Western concerns about overwhelming immigration. However, demographics of the Turks and north African Muslims already inside Europe will eventually do the job of inescapable Muslim influence in Western Europe without (much) violence and without even more porous borders for the EC with Turkey. But it is that destiny apart from Europe which will also make Turkey the power broker for Muslims already inside Europe, and it seems entirely logical that Turkey be the “middle” in the muddle that has been Muslim and Arab culture for the past 600 years, since the last gasps of the Caliphate. The power inherent in being recognized as the power broker between regions that “must get along somehow” will bring Istanbul back to the “Center of Empires” that was so natural a convergence before. Add to this a fully re-Muslimized Bagdhad and Iraq, and even Shia and Sunni may be willing to cooperate in a full Muslim alliance.

So who is Erdogan?

We will explore this in depth very shortly. Suffice for the moment these comments by Muslim leaders like Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip  Erdogan, one of those “moderate” Islamists who is in fact anything but moderate, and who has announced:

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our  helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers." 

Erdogan has also told Turkish immigrants in Germany that "assimilation  is a crime against humanity."

We tend to fail to want to see that Islam is more than a religion, and more than a developing theocracy, but rather a fully-formed military and political and legal system that overcomes other systems by force, demographics, or takiya stealth infiltration. That then establishes growing cells of independent sharia-controlled Islam in western countries, using those very countries’ freedoms of religion to undermine the western systems from within and create Islam-specific police and judicial systems within.

It is hard to trust supposedly moderate spokespeople for Islam when translations of their arabic speeches say far more radical things against western civilization than admitted to the English-speaking world. It is hard to find moderates within an Islamic system that permists no softening of the Koranic scriptures which a clearly set against Western infidels.