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The Islamists and the Leftists have the same goal. Absolute power.  Islam like Communism is a means to that end

The Islamists and the Leftists have the same goal. Absolute power.  Islam like Communism is a means to that end. This is what makes them so  dangerous. Their goal is to create absolute tyrannies based on  ideologies that promise a better world. The ideology is what brings them to power as useful idiots kill and die, thinking that they’re fighting  to create a Utopian society run according to the Koran (a book  supposedly dictated by an illiterate merchant who used his claims of  getting divine messages from angels to rule over an entire region) or  Marxism (essays produced by a man who never worked for a living, but was supported by the profits from a textile factory) that will usher in a  new era where everyone (except all the people they killed) are happy.

The Left is on the same page as the Islamists. Just as they were on  the same page as the Nazis. Just as they’re on the same page with every  reactionary totalitarian regime in the world, except those that they  think they can overthrow, or those that are allied with the Great Satan  or the Imperialist Capitalist Powers.

The Left tells its followers that they’re smarter and more moral than ordinary people. What it really means is that they’re dumber and more  willing to sacrifice for its goals. The Islamists tell their followers  that they’re braver and more religious than ordinary people. What they  mean, is that their followers are suicidally stupid and easily led  around the nose. The common denominator isn’t very hard to see. The Left is the Islam of the West. And Islam is the Left of the Middle East. But labels like that are virtually meaningless. Both are just totalitarian  movements using gullible idiots following an ideology worked out by  vicious greedy men to seize power. That is all there is to it in the  end. The rest is just technique.

The Left has no problem allying with Islam. Nor does Islam have a  problem allying with the Left. That is because they both agree on their  enemies and their objectives. They have more of a problem allying with  people who actually want to be free, then they do with slaves and their  slavemasters. Of course once in power, one would have to absorb or  destroy the other. Just as Communism and Nazism united to consume  Eastern Europe, with the inevitable consequence that once the job was  done, one would have to destroy the other. Hitler successfully fooled  Stalin and nearly destroyed the USSR with a first strike. Islam will  likely do the same thing to the Left, just as it did in Iran.

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