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Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“The Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

Culture of Death


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What “Culture of Life” would condone and even promote “Honor Killings” as Islam does? What “Culture of Life” would execute  its citizens for speaking out against the government? How was the killing of Jews or Blacks as “half-breeds” by Nazis and Slavers respectively in any way compatible with a culture stressing the value of life over the value of death?

Where Law becomes the instrumentality of the diminution of the value of life, you have a Culture of Death. Where ruthless power retaliates and intimidates and even entices with death, civilization faces the abyss.

It is not precisely fair to label Nazism or Islam simply “cultures of death” ... but in comparison to Judaism and Christianity there are many more examples there of the a much higher value placed on individual life in those cultures. In referring to life or death as having value, we are pitted against our beliefs in eternity, a much longer and presumably more important existence in eternal life (see also those discussions). Atheists, having nothing else to look forward to in the way of an eternal soul, should value human life on this earth more highly than anyone. Islam, centered on the next life, really pays very little attention to the value of earthly life, except to assign strong penalties, frequently death, to anyone behaving badly versus its Culture, Sharia Law and Scriptures.

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Calmeyer was a “sponge” for history and pre-history, as well as the intellectual philosophical frameworks that surrounded literature and poetry. His expertise in military history got him several of his jobs through personal relationships with military leaders, including the pivotal job in which he was able to save so many lives.

The ancient Spiritual symbology of the Hakenkreuz Swastika would not have been lost on Hans Calmeyer, who intensely hated the boorishness and arrogance of the Nazi takeover of civil discourse and historical fact. Turning an originally peaceful and spiritual symbol into a confluence of Third Reich Master Race Aryan mysticism would have been deeply offensive to Calmeyer, as pure cultural thievery.


Hitler led a culture of death, a virtually occult worship of Wotan (see also Wagner’s Opera) and the purity of a mythical Aryan race from the north that would leave all other inferior races in the dust. He cared not a whit about the value of human life in any moral or religious sense, it was all about usefulness and outcomes and a sense of perfectionism that demanded much, created quite a bit, but ultimately left all traces of humanity behind.

The Buddhist symbol of swastika has a much longer history in human world than the Nazi symbols. Hitler stole the Buddhist  symbol, but he was using the symbols differently. In Buddhism, the  swastika is put flat and not in black color, but the Nazi put the  swastika's corner pointing upwards and made it black.

Call the swastika now a symbol of a culture of death, it was itself originally an African occult symbol referring to the four directions of the universe, not necessarily a negative symbol at all. In some respects, Stalin made the hammer & sickle into a similarly reviled symbol, but there has been nothing equal to the pictures of the concentration camps to associate any symbol with death in a more universal fashion. And this was of course intentional: while Hitler used the symbol, it was feared for its power to deliver military might and intimidation. After Hitler, it was propagandized by the world as a reminder of the ultimate cruelty of man to other human beings. And the concentration camps were even more dreadful than just places of execution, they were places of enslavement, torture, medical and psychological experimentation.

Buddhist / Aryan symbol misused by the Nazis


Before Hitler, people took swastika symbols to mean "good fortune",  but most people have forgotten the very original meaning of the symbols. The very origin of swastika symbols is not from human world but from  Buddha's paradise. It is a mark on Buddha's body that represents the  Buddha's level and status in heaven. A Buddha of Tathagata level only  has one swastika on the body, while higher level Buddhas have more  swastika symbols.

There are many ways in which the Swastika has been depicted. It is revered by Hindu and ranks second only to OM. Hitler's use of the Swastika on the flag of National-socialist Germany has  besmirched the Swastika. But the Swastika continues to hold a religious  significance for the Hindus. Like OM, the origins of Swastika are lost in the misty realms of the past .

By cultures of death, we mean more the kinds of cultures that approve of violence simply to eradicate undesirable lives by force. There have clearly been a lot of those kinds of societies and dictatorships and philosophies. One of the single most “successful” of the cultures of death has been Communism, initially Bolshevik but eventually Soviet Communism, Maoism and Pol Pot and quite a number of other communist regimes that have resulted in a total of at least 100 million deaths. Hitler and Communists were bitter enemies, but very similar in their “wasteful” view of the value of life. And Islamic killing has perhaps the longest-running “success” in all history.

By Cultures of Death, we also mean cultures in which abortion deaths are taken as everyday meaningless events and even as ordinarily accepted instruments of Statist population regulations. Where the taking of any life has no sacred meaning or legal consequence, the value of all lives is in jeopardy of being reduced or totally ignored. In such cases, any dictator can step in, and question whether anyone has some individual right to continue living if the individual somehow becomes too cumbersome/costly to maintain alive.

Communist poster-1931h

Abortion, Planned Parenthood & America’s Death Culture! ^ | July 23, 2010 | Brittany Pounders
We already know that the right to kill our children or our  grandchildren is a sacred one among a thankfully decreasing number of  Americans. But, in fact, the rate of those who would consider themselves pro-choice is dropping rapidly. Science has improved by great strides  over the last couple of decades, proving that life begins at conception, and only those who hold more dearly to the right of personal  convenience over their personal human decency and conscience ignore that science; choosing instead to blindly overlook it and cling to old and  falsified information.

We’ve embraced a death culture in America. 4,000 dead babies, their mothers and yes, even their fathers, are being affected EVERY DAY by this self-consuming, narcissistic culture. The  same people who look back in history and revile the Germans for  slaughtering Jews, a race that they didn’t consider human either- will argue until they are blue in the face for the right to slaughter life  that is in the womb. These same people will strap themselves to a tree  to prevent it from being chopped down but will coldly support the right  to life to another person. Even people who don’t want their animals will typically give them away to another home, but our own precious and  defenseless babies don’t stand a chance here. To be so concerned with  these other issues, but ignore the defenseless and call yourself  pro-choice, is the definition of absurdity.

And the Mother of  this Death Culture is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has turned  into a profit driven industry that continues to be funded through  millions and millions of dollars of government grants and subsidies,  while making profits yearly in the hundreds of millions.

In fact, they’ve been recently caught red-handed again, this time in Indiana, by a pro-life group called Live Action. And it’s been caught on video.  Live Action is responsible for the release of at least eight undercover  investigation videos proving that Planned Parenthood repeatedly violated child statuary rape laws, parental consent laws, engaged in financial  fraud and other extreme abuses. Their latest undercover video was just  released which shows a nurse giving false information to a pregnant  girl’s questions.

VIDEO Live Action writes:

 Abortion is a lucrative business. What we see from Live Action’s  undercover videos time and time again is that the “counselors”€¯ never offer an alternative to these women. They’re confused, they’re scared,  they’re vulnerable, and Planned Parenthood takes advantage of them by  lying to them with manipulative and inaccurate information. Why? To make money. Planned Parenthood doesn’t get any money if the woman decides to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. In 2007, Planned Parenthood  performed 305,310 abortions¦ and only referred 4,912 adoptions.

 It’s all about the money for them. These counselors aren’t there to  help women during a time of crisis. They’re salespeople, out to make a  sale. Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars off of abortions, on  top of the millions of taxpayer funding they already receive, and why  would they want to give that up?

By the way, those 305,310  abortions netted (the NON-profit and TAX EXEMPT) Planned Parenthood over $110 million dollars in PROFIT last year! It’s interesting that Live  Action used the term salespeoplā€¯ when referencing the counselor  because while watching the video I could only think that it seemed like I was watching a used car salesman trying to say whatever necessary in  order to close the deal€¯ - almost as if a large sales commission was on  the line!

Planned Parenthood loves to tout that they are  pro-choice but how can you even call yourself pro-choice when you only offer one choice? They aren’t pro-choice! They are pro-abortion,  pro-profit and spend PR money out the kazoo to keep the public as  uninformed and as uneducated as possible about conception, life, science and their REAL choices.

It’s time for America to wake up to the  facts. This isn’t just about politics. This is about your personal level of human decency. Don’t go through life saying, Well, I wouldn’t do it personally but I can’t deny the right to someone else to have an  abortion. Why?

Can you name any other human rights issue that  you could say that about? Could you say that you personally oppose rape  but wouldn’t tell someone else that they couldn’t do it? Do you  personally oppose child abuse but wouldn’t dare tell anyone else that  they couldn’t do it? Do you personally oppose racism, robbery,  kidnapping, murder but wouldn’t tell someone else they couldn’t do it? Of course not- to all of the above! You have every right to not only  oppose abortion personally but to oppose it in others as well. But it  could take guts. Do you have any? Because contrary to popular belief, an abortion doesn’t make you unpregnant it just makes you the mother of a dead baby.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from Holocaust survivor, Elie Weisel :

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure  suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps  the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.


There are many Cultures of Death. For example, the Palestinian Authority glorifies death, Palestinians “market” their terrorists, whom they call Sha’ids (Martyrs). This cult of death advocates killing oneself to murder as many non-believers  (Christians and Jews and Hindus, even when Islam believers are among them, as in 9-11) as possible. This society promises four, five and seven year olds 72 virgins in heaven if they commit homicide terrorism. Mothers send their daughters to blow themselves up at hospitals where they were treated like equals, with the utmost and best care available. Mothers strive for their kids to be Martyrs and children march to the sound of “kill the apes and the monkeys”€¯ (the Jews). They name soccer fields and public squares after terrorists, homicide bombers and Sha’ids. Is this Islam or some corrupted version? Why do Islamists not condemn these practices? Because such practices are prescribed for non-Muslims throughout their holy scriptures, which means that they cannot speak out without risking blasphemy against their own deeply held beliefs. That’s what makes it a culture of death: everything is intertwined in a seamless system of interdependency and an involved consistency that inhibits all dissent. Add threats and intimidation and real violence to such a system, and the culture is complete: not just an isolated cult, but a spreading culture.