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Calmeyer’s Legacy

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“The Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

3000 Lives


Can you imagine saving 3000 Lives yourself? Many Germans did not and would not believe the harsh reality of the Holocaust even while it was increasingly coming to light. Doing something about what we observe is even harder.

  • 2,899 Jews reclassified from concentration camp deportation
  • unknown numbers warned to “disappear” prior to classification
  • but alas, 1,868 Jews (39.5%) that could not be re-classified according to his wishes

The act of saving 3000 is the direct opposite of the New York 9/11 World Trade Center Jihad terror. In both cases, the 3000 lives involve future generations, a pyramid of impacts that make this just a beginning. An average of just 2 children to half the survivors can have an impact of another 9000 or more productive lives within 3 generations, and geometrically more beyond. Thus every life is so important to the world, morally and economically.

Holocaust victims were subjects of enslavement, slow torture, and finally forced euthanasia when they were deemed too old, damaged, or no longer needed. Many went to the gas chambers just to be removed. They were victims of “government” Nazi terror rather than “private terror” of Jihad. But there is little difference: … the root in both cases is fanaticism. The Holocaust was committed against civilians vilified for their successful trading and involvement in financial power, with the perpetrators driven by evil leaders into a frenzy of hate by intense propaganda.

Primary Evils faced in Calmeyer’s Day (alas, these evils still surround us in many countries of the world…):

  • Oligarchic Economic Fascism (State-directed corporate cronyism and government control of industry)
  • Sudden Crisis Exploitation (Hitler’s Rise after the Reichstag Fire, continual new emergency declarations)
  • Brownshirt Intimidation (dedicated youth corps and union thugs exerting influence)
  • Military Power Grabs (unfettered emergency powers of intervention and gun seizure)
  • Racial Enslavement (concentration camps for the purpose of keeping industry staffed)
  • Medical Torture (infamous Mengele activities and human experimentation in concentration camps)
  • Infanticide (encouraged and forced abortion for purposes of racial purity and State preferences)
  • Genocide (racially-defined extermination of whole groups of people deemed inferior)
  • Agecide (discrimination and death panels eliminating paraplegic and other diseased and aged people)
  • Murder (in the service of the State, the simple expedient of trumped-up arrest and execution)
  • We must strenuously guard against such fanaticisms, racial or otherwise, before such people again seize power in any society. This is why this book is to a great extent dedicated to Jewish and Christian cooperation on any and every level.


Our common-denominator question on this Calmeyer-inspired website: Why save lives when those lives are threatened by evils which appear far too great to oppose ?

One Answer: For every life saved, there are other future lives that are born that would not otherwise have existed. This is the key to the Talmudic phrase “He who saves a Life Saves the Universe”

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