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Hans Calmeyer Legacy

 Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Lawyer for Life”

Lawyer for Life


When Human Law is Not Enough, an Advocate is Needed

Hans Calmeyer was not willing to compromise on life. And he did something about his conviction.

Not as a lawyer, who out of a simple principle did his best to save lives of people he did not know, at the risk of his own.

Not as a father, who did not abort his illegitimate child despite family pressure to do so, or to hide a scandal.

Not as an intellectual, who opposed war and did his best to help undermine the Nazis’ occupation in the Netherlands.

Vague Law begets injustice. The vagueness allows judges and those in power the leeway to ignore precedent or choose the interpretation. In contrast, Specific Law, assuming that it was properly formed in the first place, allows a firm and incontrovertible decision based on the facts. German Law as and was very specific, created by Nazis interested in protecting  even potential Aryans and other non-Jews from being caught in the net and being shipped to the concentration camps. Thus a very specific regulation on the Jewish-content of a person could be used against the Nazi objectives by Calmeyer’s techniques of sewing doubt, and even at times producing “proof” that a person was “Aryan enough” to be spared having all their goods confiscated and being sent off to the camps.

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Other Cases of Law for Life  -  Are there Guidelines for Preventive Killing ?

Major disagreements still reign about virtually every one of the legal judgements listed below, with the exception perhaps of war crimes trials where a line of military executions is deemed to have been crossed.

The Necessity Defense Denied: Just because Law tells you that you must kill someone or face death yourself, crimes against humanity cannot be justified.       The Nuremberg Court in 1946, condemning "obedient" Nazi leaders to execution

The Necessity Defense Denied: Because the unborn are not legally persons, there is no justification to kill a 3rd trimester abortionist to prevent further killing.                             The Judge, ruling against the killing in a church of Dr. Tiller

The Necessity Defense Denied: There is no legal justification for assisted suicide, nor a right to one's own life, even when suicide would require assistance.                                                                                    in the cases of Dr. Kavorkian

The Necessity Defense Accepted: There is legal justification for pre-emptive military intervention to save future lives in case of imminent terrorist attack        Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, intervening in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Other Cases of Law for Life  -  Are there Guidelines for Preventive Disobedience ?

Hans Calmeyer followed the administrative racial laws and regulations which he was obligated to administer if not enforce. And yet he did not follow them exactly, as he allowed the use of likely-forged if not obviously-forged documents and misrepresentations to exempt people from judgments that would lead to slave camps and probably execution.

Law Not Followed: Just because Law says that abortion is legal, individuals refuse to kill or dismember infants in the womb, at risk to their jobs.                                                  Catholics and Evangelicals, fired for refusing to carry out abortions