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Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

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The purpose of this News section is to highlight “recent” events which illustrate many of the dangers that Jews and Christians, and indeed Western Civilization, are now facing from religious extremism and terror worldwide. In the Calmeyer context, where are the threats to our culture of life, liberty, and freedom of thought? Do Jews face another Holocaust? How can we all get along?

Calmeyer was against Statist/Socialist Corporatism (Fascism) and he would have been against any totalitarian undemocratic system where power is so concentrated as to be able to take life at will: militarily, judicially, prejudicially, and even bureaucratically !

With  major new developments in Tunisia and Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood which inspired Hitler and spawned Bin Laden is getting an opportunity to reassert itself in its effort to re-establish the Caliphate across Arabia. Keep the extremists and Jew-haters from forming false majorities and repressive democracies through intimidation. Couching tyranny of women, families, and minorities in religious sweet-talk or hate-talk are equally evil. The last Caliphate lasted exactly 400 years and was one of the most brutal and unproductive periods in world history. The same people who inspired Hitler’s Mein Kampf (My Jihad) are now grabbing power again.

Tyranny: the Cost of Forgetting God as well as the Cost of Creating a Theocracy ... we need a balance: Freedom of Religion but not Tyranny of Religion !

All of the founders of the USA were fervently against simple majoritarian Democracy, which can lead to dictatorial tyranny of the majority. They rather favored a Constitutional Republic, where representative democracy based on God-given rather than legislated rights are the basis for inalienable individual freedoms. This is now the longest stable constitutional system in history, respecting religion. Theocracy is just another dictatorial Thugocracy.

What did Calmeyer resist? What happens when a State or State Religion puts all respect for God’s Creation aside, and intimidates the people to look the other way on moral issues in return for promises of peace that will never be kept? Racial hatred and punishment for something with which you were born (God’s willed birth) are among the longest-lasting evils of mankind. We must resist also.

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Moderate Muslim Co-Existence is a great idea, and needs continual encouragement on peaceful and loving terms, respecting mutual freedoms, not based on violent intimidation     9/11

 Osama, like Hitler, declared dead on May 1 - Hoora!

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Catholics at first supported Hitler:

the cost of forgetting God 1

Steyn Online ^ | 15 June 2010 | Mark Steyn
It was one of those stories people followed at airports and railway stations not exactly 9/11 or the death of the Princess of Wales, but  not a routine story of faraway disaster, either. Small knots stood  around looking up at the screens and shaking their heads as new facts  actually, make that new facts emerged. Massacre in the Med€ť  screamed the headline on London’s Daily Mirror, as if Mossad hit men had stormed a topless beach at St. Tropez. Only two weeks ago, I wrote  about the near-total delegitimization of Israel in Europe. And, even as  National Review hit the stands, along comes a Turkish humanitarian aid flotilla to make the point for me. I was in Britain, France, and  Italy as the story developed, and it was fascinating just to study the  vocal tone of the news anchors — the inflections of both outrage and  contempt: You won’t believe what those Jews have done now! The rage was  as disproportionate€ť as Israel’s actions are always said to be: Nobody  gives a hoot what North Korea does to South Korean ships. Muslim gunmen  open fire on two mosques in Lahore after Friday prayers, killing 93, and it barely makes the papers.

There are no good options for  Israel. These days, Europeans pay even less lip service to the  two-state solution€ť than Hamas does. The default position is that the  creation of the Zionist Entity was an error and an historical injustice, and thus it has to be corrected one way or the other. If when the  mullahs drop the big one on Tel Aviv, the BBC wallahs will momentarily  drop the sneers for a more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger shtick about how,  tragic as it is, it brings to a close an unfortunate chapter in Middle  Eastern history.

Once upon a time, Israel had allies. But Turkey, formerly its best friend in the Muslim world, now pledges to send the  next aid€ť convoy under naval escort. Is post-Kemalist Ankara’s  antipathy to the Jewish state merely a reflection of demographic  re-Islamization? Or is it a canny bid to shore up its application for  European Union membership? No matter. I get a lot of mail these days  arguing that Europeans are finally waking up to the dangers posed by  their ever-more-assertive Muslim populations. Yet, whatever their  differences on, say, alcohol consumption, gay rights, or female  circumcision, ethnic Europeans and their Muslim immigrants are in more  or less total harmony when it comes to the iniquity of the Zionist  Entity. A famous poll a few years back found that 59 percent of  Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace — in  Germany, it was 65 percent; Austria, 69 percent; the Netherlands, 74  percent. A similar poll reported that in Egypt and Saudi Arabia it was  79 percent. It would be interesting to re-test the question in the light of the massacre in the Med€ť and see whether Israel now scores as a  greater threat in Belgium than in Yemen.

There is a kind of logic about this. As paradoxical as it sounds, Muslims have been far greater  beneficiaries of Holocaust guilt than the Jews. In a nutshell, the  Holocaust enabled the Islamization of Europe. Without post-war guilt, and the revulsion against nationalism, and the embrace of  multiculturalism and mass immigration, the Continent would never have  entertained for a moment the construction of mosques from Dublin to  Dusseldorf and the accommodation of Muslim sensitivities on everything  from British nursing uniforms to Brussels police doughnut consumption  during Ramadan. Holocaust guilt is a cornerstone of the Muslim Europe  arising before our eyes. The only minority that can’t leverage the Shoah these days is the actual target. It is disheartening to see Elie Wiesel, in Toronto the other day, calling for Holocaust denial to be  made a crime throughout the world (as it already is in many European  countries). He so doesn’t get it. The greater risk to Jews is not that  the world will forget€ť the murder of 6 million people but that it has  appropriated the crime for its own purposes. In Europe, the ever more  extravagant Holocaust Memorial Day observances have taken on the  character of America’s gay-pride parades with their endlessly  proliferating subcategories of celebrants. As Anthony Lipmann, the son  of an Auschwitz survivor, wrote in The Spectator five years ago: When  on 27 January I take my mother’s arm €”tattoo number A-25466” I will  think not just of the crematoria and the cattle trucks but of Darfur,  Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Jenin, Fallujah.

Jenin? Ah, well, that was the massacre before the massacre in the Med. According to the official  Israeli figures, the death toll of Palestinians at Jenin in 2002 was 52. According to the official Palestinian figures, the death toll was 56.  According to the British newspaper The Independent, it was as many as  500€ť slaughtered in Israeli “atrocities throughout the killing fields€ť of Jenin. According to The Guardian, the mass murder was every bit as  repellent€ť as 9/11. According to The Evening Standard, it was  genocide.

Eight years later, when the flotilla hit the fan, a  couple of readers wrote to me to ask why the British and European media  were always so eager to be led up the garden path. Because, when it  comes to Israeli atrocities, they want to believe. Because, even in an age of sentimental one-worldism, the Jews remain the other.€ť If  old-school Euro-Judenhass derived from racism and nationalism, the new  Judenhass has advanced under the cover of anti-racism and  multiculturalism. The oldest hatred didn’t get that way without an  ability to adapt.

from National Review