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Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

Calmeyer Foundation

We are Watchers, but we must also act:

  • Aligned in a Culture of Life
  • Jewish and Christian Solidarity Today
  • Tell Them, Warn Them, Make Them Aware
  • Aligned in Support of Shared Holy History
  • Avoiding the Errors of History


There are greater purposes beyond the biography and even beyond Calmeyer’s various Legacies, and those are civilizational and spiritual. First, to RECONCILE: how can Jews and Christians get along better, they have virtually all interests and religious roots in common, yet often do not cooperate or even respect each other. Calmeyer’s Legacy involved caring for Jews without regard to race, creed, color, prejudice or self-interest, despite the fact that all those flaws were encouraged in an evil Nazi time.

Second, to WARN: the danger to Jews of a second Holocaust and Christians of Jihad is real. This does not always mean a running battle with all Muslims or Islam, but peacefully turning the other cheek does not require us to suspend our intelligence. Resistance is not futile. Correcting the enemy’s efforts to deceive is continual. See Action Items in the button bar to the right.

Primary Objectives of The Calmeyer Foundation:

  • Holocaust Awareness
  • Jewish-Christian Cooperation and Understanding
  • Furthering Laws that respect Life and Liberty

The Main Calmeyer Projects:

  • Publishing the German Biography in America
  • Publishing Calmeyer’s Legacy as an e-Book
  • Filming Calmeyer’s Legacy: “Lawyer for Life”

The “Calmeyer Project” reflected in these 150 web pages is part of a gathering amount of information that started after Calmeyer’s death in 1972 by the diligent efforts of Peter Niebaum, his German biographer and leader of the Calmeyer Initiative in Germany and several adjoining countries. Alas, until recently, almost all information has been left in the German language, though that is about to change. Laureen Nussbaum, herself a child of Calmeyer Survivors, has agreed to translate the voluminous biography of Peter Niebaum. A large volume by Mathias Middelberg, also a lawyer like Calmeyer, is not yet slated for translation, but details the legal environment and Nazi decision structure in The Hague at the time. A new book by Michael Calmeyer Hentschel, Calmeyer’s second son and leader of the American arm of the Calmeyer Foundation, is exerpted and previewed in these pages, and will be the first dedicated book on “Calmeyer’s Legacy” written from the outset in English.

The Calmeyer Foundation is now 3 years old, a 501c3 charitable corporation in good standing, which takes donations as needed for its dissemination and research of information about Hans Calmeyer and the meaning of his legacy to the world. As can be seen on this website, some of the central meaning revolves around the value of innocent life, and the worthy sacrifices required to preserve life where we can do so. There is much more meaning to be found in Calmeyer’s life, and we are dedicated to exploring and conveying that meaning to Jews and Christians and Muslims willing to consider it.

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Members of the Calmeyer Foundation Team: we need YOUR participation and passion to help us TELL something meaningful.


            Michael                Calmeyer Hentschel      the second son

ursula 1

Ursula Seidl Calmeyer  first son Peter’s wife

micah germany 1

    Micah Hentschel       grand-daughter to Calmeyer

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Howard and Laura Berman, Calmeyer Foundation Coordinators in New York

Calmeyer Foundation

Official Address for 501c3 Charitable Foundation:

Calmeyer Foundation, 415 Pisgah Church Road, Box 364, Greensboro, NC 27455

The Calmeyer Foundation is developing a business plan for the projects ahead, which we are more than willing to further develop with the needed advice and counsel of our friends. We seek friends and people who do not just share our admiration for Calmeyer’s Story, but are interested in furthering his Legacy in specific fields today, many of which are touched on in these pages. They are all very large topics, and Calmyeyer himself was not deeply involved in any of them, except for one common thread:

Resistance against tyranny to save the lives of innocent human beings.

Our main topics of concern here and now: