Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

Lawyer for Life



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Buddhist Eternity

All the “Great Religions” are in conflict, internally and externally. According to Wikipedia, The Hindu Revolution (Hindi: Hindu Kranti or Dharma Kranti) is a term in Hindu nationalism referring to an ongoing  "revolutionary movement" aiming to overthrow the secular Republic of India and replace it with a Hindu State (Hindu Rajya or Rashtra). In particular, the movement is directed at what is perceived as hostile penetration of Hindu society by both Islam and Western cultural and religious neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Calmeyer of course had nothing to do with Hindu religion. But he was not unaware, as a classical historian that he was. In his last year of life, his focal point for research and study was the Magi, they of the wise men who were reported to have sought out and visited both Christ’s Birth and Herod, who enlisted them as a way to lead him to the future political adversary that the “King of the Jews” might become. Calmeyer would have been intensely interested in the human rights issues of the Hindus and Buddhists within the Hindu culture. In fact, parallels with Nazi suppression of human rights persist in India today.


Widespread resentment of the People that prevailed against the aryan-brahmins,aryan-brahmanic priests, aryanic ways of life, the antagonism against aryan-brahmin leaders and their cruel practices of domination marginalisation and exploitation of the Common People, found a relief in Buddhism.  Thus, Buddhism appealed to the Native People, and spread fast far and wide amongst  every Section of the Society.  The aryan-brahmins lost face and their social hold on  the People.  This, the brahmins and their brahmanic social order, had never forgotten.  That was their fountainhead of hatred against Buddhists, and springing stone  of opposition to Buddhism, through out the history of this Country.  These, take the shape of every conceivable forms of soft subtle and specific Human Right Violation against  Buddhists.

Today in an  Internationally Open World, the opposition and violations become more discreet but  subversive.  Hence the  Identity Crisis, of Buddhists and Buddhism in this Country.  This is cleverly based on the confusions deliberately being created by the brahmins,hindu fundamentalists and their fascist  leaders, with ample and full support of academicians including hollow biased  researchers, officials, courts and the media.  All the myths they are trying to create are to deny the separate social  existence of Buddhists as a People, and Buddhism as a Religion, superior Ideology and great Philosophy.  Their single aim is to destroy Buddhism as a distinct different and separate Religion.  For this they take to an extremely funny subterfuge.

The fundamentalist fascist hindus have a pervasive subversive logic against Buddhists in this Country, and in denying the Buddhists the Buddhist Identity.  They start saying that Buddhism is an Indian Religion, born and preached on the Indian Soil. And the Buddhists in this Country, being Citizens of this Nation, are Indians.  Indians in English means residents of India.  That is fine as for as speaking in English, the Language of the British, the old colonial masters and exploitators.  In native languages and local references, Buddhists are also equally the  People ofHindustan, and  hence are Hindus!  And not only that, they are  Hindus equally in Religious Terms, like any other Hindu! That is like all those others of the brahmanic social order, under the  suzerainty of the stupid but evil cunning brahmins.  Hence accepting silently and ignorantly inferior secondary and further lower or the lowest  positions.  Thus, conceding silently  without speaking a word, unconsciously granting and recognisingbrahmanic supremacy superiority, and an higher hierarchic controlling position to them in the BSO.

As per the  fundamentalist fascist hindus and their brahmanic masters, no Buddhist can claim, has any right, and hence can be given a separate Identity as a Buddhist, or as separate Religious Practitioner and Follower.  This is clear Social Subversion, typical Religious Treachery, and Political Sabotage.  This is not only a cunning attempt to deny Buddhism and Buddhists their Identity, but is a clear measure to destroy confuse co-opt absorb assimilate and digest the Buddhists below the brahmins in the BSO,  for brahmanic advantages and continued  survival. This has a strong Political Sanction,  silent Administrative Support, clear Executive Backing, mollified Media,  Judicial and Govt Approval, as well as  Religious Sanction of all cheap fundamentalist fascist hindu religious leaders, and their screaming street violent thugs.

All other Claims and Rights, be that Constitutional Rights, Legal Rights, Social Rights, Civic Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights and even Natural Rights etc can only flow from the basic Right to Identity. Once that is denied and the Identity is destroyed, one becomes  confused, internally mad, socially irrelevant, politically non-existent, and ends  up as a split personality, with loyalties pulled apart in different directions,  Life becomes meaningless.  Existence turns irrelevant.  Hence all the other elements of ones Human Rights are of no Relevance. Right to existence and survival based on the Right to Identity  are the basic Human Rights of any Individual Group Section of Society and  Religious Group, even in a Theocratic Polity. What then to speak about a Secular Nation with a Democratic and Republican  framework of Govt.  Yet while thefundamentalist fascist hindus play havoc, the Govts, NGOs, HR Activists, Courts,  Officials and the Media all maintain a conspiratory silence.

The fascists and  fundamentalists, always play havoc in any part of the World. But that gets compounded here in this land due to Casteism based on Racism, rooted in millenniums of historic oppression  exploitation marginalisation, and denial of Equality and Justice.  Yet, the brahminbaniya based educated elites, amply supported by the kshatriya and kayasth elements, active in Society, Politics, Govt Services, and as NGOs or Activist  Groups, and Human Right Activists, are sitting silent, smugly indifferent to the  Problems of the Masses who all fill the ranks of the marginalised Weaker Sections of the SC&ST Dalits, Backward Classes, and  helpless Minorities.  The helpless Minorities include in order of denigration unacceptability as not to be tolerated  or digestible and persecution of the unacceptable Muslims, unwanted Christians,  unwanted Sikhs, undesirable Buddhists and confused Jains.  This, when whole truth history and origin of Buddhism and its Birth are being sought to be submerged by hindu fundamentalists  with fascist arrogance of their manipulated majority and crude power. Buddhists are thus denigrated discriminated discreetly harassed  as undesirable Buddhists in this Country.

the Hindus were living in India and the Muslims invaded India. The  Hindus were minding their own business when the Muslims entered their  country and started the killing.