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Hans Calmeyer Legacy

 Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Lawyer for Life”



Putting genocides into perspective does not minimize their evil. But evil is evil, the degree of evil hardly matters, every life taken is fundamentally evil, even if it will also be measured in the number of lives sacrificed on both sides of a conflict.

do we hear about the Indian genocide by Muslims? click on the video below:

indian genocide

Whether we talk about the Holocaust or various genocidal mass murders that were not “just wars” The Calmeyer Foundation sees Hans Calmeyer’s contributions to peacefully saving lives as an important platform for the respect for human life in all its forms and in the battle for ultimate human dignity. Yes, wars need to be fought when fallible people cannot withstand the urge to use power to force and enslave others to their belief system, but resistance to those trends before it must come to war (a clash) is infinitely preferable, preserving infiltration of evil elements meaning to subvert an entire culture, such as Judeo-Christian civilization under unremitting attack by Islam. The Calmeyer Foundation is here to “warn them” and by them is meant the innocent who do not see or want to see the danger of evil coming. Like the Watchman of the Old Testament: Isaiah, Hans Calmeyers oft-quoted scripture and a commandment Calmeyer obviously took seriously: “For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth” (Isaiah 21:6)

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