Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

Evil Law


What makes Law evil? Unlike guns, which are not inherently evil until used for evil purposes by the people behind the gun, Law can be corrupted and re-interpreted and mis-interpreted as well as mis-used. At the right are links to several legal systems that have clearly been used for evil. Are any of these inherently evil?

  • Nazi Law (built on German Law)
  • Sharia Law (built on Mohammed’s Principles)
  • Dictatorial Law (name any dictatorship)

These are judgment calls, but that’s what law is all about. Hans Calmeyer made personal judgments about the laws he was sworn to represent, even if he was not exactly sworn to enforce those laws. Then too, all the laws were “legal” as of course they usually are, and the base of German law in the Netherlands was and is generally highly respected.

The philosophical issue is when to judge that a law should not be followed. More often than not, an unjust imposition of a law not originally meant for that instance can be resisted and overturned if the damage is not done in the meantime ... sometimes, resistance to injustice cannot wait for a process to take its course, firm decisions are needed right away. And righteously. and rightly so.

Action on righteous instincts takes courage.

Click on the graphic link below for an insight into the vast institution of “interest-free” Shariah Finance, started by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1970’s and dedicated to the elimination of Capitalism:

 ... over $1 Trillion of Shariah investments today pay ~6% to approved Islamic Charities of unknown nature.

Shariah Finance
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