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Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life

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This is not a hate site, though it talks about the hate of others for what and who we are. We love all human life. And we are prepared to love all people, in the womb and out. This site is dedicated foremost to saving lives, even the lives of sworn enemies. This is a site about Life, and for Law that protects Life. It is a site against tyranny, and against totalitarian Law that enables and enhances tyranny by force, religion, or propaganda. It is a site for the Innocent. Will our observations change minds? Only if those minds are open to be changed.

If some of those people are out to cause us or our other loved ones harm, tyranny, and even death, then we must love them but also be prepared to resist, defend, and even fight the good fight. We need to warn any adversary who is still listening to reason, to change their ways and minds. We then need to tell and warn others as well.

When America began a war on terror, it was not about foremost about revenge but about preventing more. It was and is not a war on Muslims but on an extreme Islam that enslaves its own and insists on a Sharia code of behavior that is not only wholly incompatible with Western standards but a brutal mediaeval system that is a tyranny over their own civilization.

Systems of tyranny tend to put the blame for tyrannical behavior on specific leaders (Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot), but this is a bit of a cop-out: at the very least there are groups of leaders (devoted Nazis, communists, Khmer Rouge) influenced by another group of so-called thinkers (Heidegger, Marx, Mao), and ultimately, a very large group of the general populace, willing to serve the leader with often blind ambition or a sense of desperate self-preservation. Education through effective propaganda has something to do with gathering more of the population to the Tyrant’s side. When combined with religion and belief in an afterlife that makes the present life worth sacrificing, a non-religious ideology can metastasize into a fanatic and almost unstoppable force that can easily end up on the side of evil rather than good.

Most of the people who are dedicated to undermining or overwhelming Judeo-Christian civilization, as Hitler completely hijacked everything, are not evil, nor to be hated, as most Germans were not evil or to be hated, and most Muslims are probably desirous of a peaceful life. However, all of these people are guilty by voluntary association, none of them are innocent. Supporters of Lebensraum or of a Caliphate are supporters of taking what is not theirs, by power or by demographics or religious persuasion. Forced redistribution of land, assets, or human rights are simply theft of property and life. As Americans believe in a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (happiness substituted for “property” used originally) as a result of the sum total of Western thought and laws, so any estrangement of that right is a “taking.” That simple concept of taking what is not yours is known to all who cooperate willingly in the pursuit of tyranny of any kind, and followers and members of groups cannot be excused as innocent.

The leaders do of course carry much of the credit/blame, and the Nuremberg trials were something of a mass-blame event, publicly punishing the leaders for the atrocities and the Holocaust. It was Hans Calmeyer’s great frustration and regret that the Trials did not reach down into the layers below the top who were in fact the evil-doers and had implemented and carried out the atrocities ordered from the top. Hans, the Hans im Glueck who saw only the best in people and remained constantly cheerful, was faced with evil, and could not understand how society would allow such evil to remain in leadership positions throughout post-war Germany. It was as if America had allowed all of Saddam’s military to become the new policeforce of Iraq (as many argued would have been wiser than Bush’d attempt to create a clean slate). The point is, the followers DO carry the blame, perhaps MOST of the blame, and it is THEY who must ultimately resist, defend, or even fight the good fight against their own evil leaders and creeds.

In Hitler’s case, he had around him some of the highest IQ people (Hitler’s own IQ was never tested). Hans Calmeyer worked for one of those genius advisors, Seiss-Inquart, who was considered a genius and had an IQ high in the very top percentile. But Hitler himself combined some of the major ideas of his day (Social Darwinism, nationalism, socialism, capitalism, etc.) into a workable ideology, and that is a special skill. Hitler was received as a genius by his team:

Hjalmar Schacht - IQ 143: "He read an enormous amount and acquired a wide knowledge. He juggled with that knowledge in a masterly manner in all debates,  discussions and speeches. He was undoubtedly a man of genius in certain  respects. He had sudden ideas of which nobody else had thought and which were at times useful in solving great difficulties, sometimes with  astounding simplicity, sometimes, however, with equally astounding  brutality. He was a mass psychologist of really diabolical genius. I  believe that originally he was not filled only with evil desires;  originally, no doubt, he believed he was aiming at good, but gradually  he himself fell victim to the same spell which he exercised over the  masses... He was a man of unbending energy and of a will-power which  overcame all obstacles... Only those two characteristics - mass  psychology and his energy and will-power - explain that Hitler was able  to rally up to 40 per cent, and later almost 50 per cent, of the German people behind him."

calmeyer painting 2

The above gives some flavor of how leaders persuade the masses to willingly follow, and even give their lives. We must love those people who are deluded in such ways, give them a peaceful alternative. We cannot present ourselves as doormats if they do not choose peace, but in the first place we must welcome them to show their true colors. Not welcome them naively, but allow them to prove their humanity. Hans Calmeyer made that first assumption about everyone: even a deluded man can be redeemed and all men are to be treated fairly. But he also understood a corollary about people that he had come to know: proven evil men were not to be trusted blindly.

So how can we love Muslims as Germans should have loved Jews in WW2, and as Christians should and now often do love Jews?

We know that the God of Abraham whom Jews and Christians worship cannot be a  projection of ourselves, for we are not infinitely loving and absolutely good.  Not so Allah, whose will overrides any criteria of right or wrong. It is not  necessarily the case that Muslims understand Allah as a projection of their own  will to power, but there is nothing in Islam to discourage this sort of  projection. Al-Ghazali's irrationality and the most intimate relations of the  Muslim household thus converge into a single portrait of residual paganism  persisting under a monotheistic veneer.

Reilly's focus on 12th-century Islamic irrationality might lead to the  optimistic conclusion that if only we could persuade Muslims to read Aquinas,  the war of civilizations might be averted. The trouble is that the Muslim  embrace of irrationality is not only objective (at the level of theology), but  also existential: it is infused into the entire complex of social relations in  the Muslim world which allow untrammeled exercise of the will without  covenantal constraints. This includes Koran-sanctioned wife-beating and, by  extension, honor killings, genital mutilation, child marriages and other relics  of paganism.

To transform Muslim societies into something approximating the covenantal model  of the West would require nothing less than unraveling the whole web of  relationships that bind families and clans. To traditional Muslims this appears  as an existential threat. Many of them would rather die than submit, which is  why to so many Muslims suicide seems attractive as an existential choice.

The Calmeyer Foundation is developing a business plan for the projects ahead, which we are more than willing to further develop with the needed advice and counsel of our friends. We seek friends and people who do not just share our admiration for Calmeyer’s Story, but are interested in furthering his Legacy in specific fields today, many of which are touched on in these pages. They are all very large topics, and Calmyeyer himself was not deeply involved in any of them, except for one common thread:

Resistance against tyranny to save the lives of innocent human beings.

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