Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life



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This will be a long exposition that will only start to describe a research-journey which Hans Calmeyer undertook in the last year of his life (as told to his son Michael before Calmeyer’s death in 1972). Greater detail of this search for truth, which Calmeyer never completed but “planted” in his son as an ongoing desire to discover, will be contained in Michael’s own eventual book of “Calmeyer’s Legacy.” For the moment, we will outline  some components of an adventure which led Calmeyer to research the Magi, the antecedents of the Star of Solomon, now prominent on the Jewish-Israeli flag, and the historical, pre-historical and biblical references to wise men which stretched all the way back to Atlantis.

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Magi - Wise Astronomers Seeking Truth and Expectant of the Birth of the Messiah

Whatever the mythical correlations (and there are many, which would have been known to Calmeyer, a sponge for historical information and a particular fan of Ezekiel), the hexagonal 6-triangle symbol now carried on the Israeli flag has a deep and meaningful relationship to the seal of Soloman, the wisest man ever, according to the bible. Without much in the way of research tools that we have today, where connections and probable antecedents for almost everything under the sun are available at the touch of a button on the internet, Hans Calmeyer was hotly pursuing the Magi. Why?

We unfortunately have no written remnants of Calmeyer’s researches. He basically “tasked” his son Michael with the project, an investigation which  perhaps unintentionally led Michael into a Yale degree in archaeology and a continual hobby thereafter, just as his first son Peter was a passionate lifetime career archaeologist in Persian history, specifically excavating at the Palace of  Darius, in Iran, until the end of Peter’s life at age  65. The task of assessing Calmeyer’s legacy in this regard thus falls to his son Michael, who has found traces and paths of historical and pre-historical connections that are nothing short of amazing.

That such dramatic “connections” might have stimulated Hans Calmeyer’s last year of life, which was otherwise the normal life of a respected jurist (he still worked in his office to the end but was less active in law, with Rolf Gurland as his operational partner, and Calmeyer’s wife Ruth also still bookkeeper there). Calmeyer always maintained multiple interests, quite passionately so on all levels. He cared nothing about money, much more about the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom of the ages. It is quite fitting that he would be somewhat obsessed with the Magi, a deeply engaging topic.

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