Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life



From Peter Niebaum, Hans Calmeyer’s German biographer, extracted and translated from the German website:

Righteous among the Nations - Calmeyer in his Time, available as yet only in German (635pp).

The Biography of 1988 was based on relevant passages on Calmeyer by Presser and de Jong, the yield of an archive trip to Amsterdam and the statements of eyewitnesses of Osnabrück, friends, acquaintances of Calmeyer and especially his son Peter.
At the turn of 1991/92 we found an unexpectedly large and diverse documentation estate, which had been cleaned by son Peter by his own admission of a few "too compromising" components. ( pity !)  A diary of the Jena students, many letters , poems in large numbers, with newspaper clippings , etc, later added several photo albums : there arose a man of flesh and blood, down from the any pedestal as a perfect man but a fascinating intellectual and human study.

I wanted to assure myself of some weighty Co -Authors : Karl Jaspers , the philosopher, on the political- moral Calmeyer measure taken , Werner Finck , the cabaret fun bird that has been an observer and commentator on the Hitler era accompanied by Adenauer's critic, Robert W. Kempner , who has acted as plaintiff in the Munich criminal trial against the desk workers in the occupied Netherlands, Charles Lilienthal , the Osnabrück bombing terror impressively incorporated in his diary, Richard Mathias Muller , the restorative phase of the early post-war West Germany.

The work was commissioned by the City of Osnabruck. The first version was more than 1000 pages, too long and unconventional in its treatment of Calmeyer among the thought leaders of his time. The search for a publisher was difficult at all stages, running into the usual marketing and advertising demands that did not quite fit a deep scholarly work of this type.

Meanwhile, a Dutch " Calmeyer - Jewish woman” donated a million guilders for research on Hans Calmeyer to the NIOD in Amsterdam. The work was done in Osnabrück but never independently published. After many months, the book was published in October 2001 with a Rasch -Verlag. An expanded and in the print edition was significantly improved to 100th Calmeyer Birthday in late June 2003 and put on the market. The response to the (not " advertised "! ) book and its subject was meager. In the national press , there was the occasion of the 100th birthday of Calmeyer and the related exhibition opening major articles in the WORLD, and regional assessments on radio and television.

Very happily it happened that one Osnabrück lawyer , Mathias Middelberg , including legal history aspects on the theme of  rescue work, was interested, and could finish presenting his lengthy dissertation in 2002. This excellent work complements the biography for the period 1941-1945 extensively on the basis of document studies and knowledgeable legal comparative literature.

The Niebaum biography has now been abridged by the author to a more manageable 250 pages, which are being translated by Laureen Nussbaum in America, for potential publication in late 2010 or in 2011. A publisher has not yet been selected.

Peter Niebaum , “A Righteous Man Among the Nations.”

1903-1972 “Hans Calmeyer in his Time”

Second , expanded , revised edition 2003

fast / ISBN 3-89946-002-2/492 S./34 , 90 €


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