Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life



The Calmeyer Foundation is an approved 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to support the ongoing efforts of Peter Niebaum (and Calmeyer’s son Michael) to research the Calmeyer Archives and the rich historical and philosophical and political elements that constitute the Calmeyer Story and the Calmeyer Legacy. For this we need donations:

  • for Holocaust Awareness newsletters, including certain key writings translations,
  • for traveling exhibits, and presentations in Europe and America,
  • for the Calmeyer’s Legacy Project, including further German research,
  • for translation and publication of the Niebaum German Biography,
  • (recently approved Niebaum publication by Donat Publishing House in Bremen)
  • and eventually a Calmeyer’s Legacy film-script.

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