Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Calmeyer’s Legacy

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“The Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life


An horror of great darkness fell upon him. Genesis 15:12.



Calmeyer was rather often depressed later in life, exasperated by the long preservation of Nazis in position of post-war power in Germany, the lack of learning of the lessons of the war, the lack of wanting to acknowledge the evils that had been done. While always a charming character and cheerful and optimistic to all around him, Calmeyer struggled mightily with  the thought of not having done enough, despite some 3000 souls credited to him. His selfless deeds were not recognized until after his death, and while some Jewish survivors may have been known to him, for the most part he never knew the people he advocated for and saved. So it was only posthumously that he was ever thanked, and he would not tell others of his own actions. Nevertheless, he had a burning desire (see letter to Presser) to tell the world, as bidden in Ezekiel:

 “You must tell them. They will not hear you. Nevertheless: you must tell them !”

Judeo-Christian Cross