Calmeyer Lawyer 1s

Hans Calmeyer Righteous Gentile 1903-1972

“Dutch Schindler”

 Lawyer for Life



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The child at the upper right is Michael, and he is his father’s legacy ... a granddaughter (23) and two grandsons (17 and 20) have since been added.

Michael Calmeyer has gone most of his life by his mother’s name, thus Michael Hentschel. With his mother Ines, he left Germany at the age of 10, emigrating to the USA in 1963. It was always Hans Calmeyer’s wish to have the son take his name, but it is only now becoming more important that the son recognize the legacy of the father. A book by Michael is now finally in advanced stages, to appear in 2011 in a combination of printed and tablet-friendly-illustrated-edition formats. 2011 should also be the year that a translation of a shorter version of the existing German-only Peter Niebaum Biography of Hans Calmeyer should appear, the result of many many years of diligent effort (see also the Niebaum page).

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Calmeyer’s dog “Joker” (derived from the English by Hans but oddly still pronounced Yoker in German). Michael’s Joy.

Every son needs a father, and to differing degrees some fathers are ever-present and many are not. Michael only was able to see Hans Calmeyer once or twice a year in his ten years growing up in Goslar, Germany, but he was unaware as a child that this was unusual, and those few visits, with dog “Joker” visiting as well, were as loving a father-child-relationship as could ever be imagined. Michael was raised an only child entirely by Ines Hentschel as a “Love Child” ... wanted by Calmeyer but only reluctantly supported by Calmeyer’s wife Ruth. Abortion was out of the question for the father on principle, despite that having been suggested as the easy way out. So Michael, as the only current surviving direct legacy, exists entirely because of a conscious pro-life decision by Hans Calmeyer and Ines Hentschel.

The thus rather independent son Michael developed a rather close attachment also to his Father God, perhaps to fill the gaps of the rarity of the earthly father. One never knows the full purposes and ways of God, but since first son Peter has already passed away, it is up to Michael to make the most of the Calmeyer Legacy and its meaning.

What Michael has been up to?

Michael Calmeyer Hentschel has been an "acceleration  manager" with 28 years of hands-on corporate management, team-building, market-building, cash optimization and finance, often “second-to-CEO” in early stages. Through TechVest Ventures, a national technology venture accelerator team of hands-on managers which he founded in 1987, he has held full-time administrative management and advisory positions in many client companies, notably CFO of Robert Ham (current), CFO ColdStorData (current), CFO Steeplechase (2009), CFO Desktone (2007) and CFO Resilience (2006). There he raised, as integral member of the leadership team, $17 million in Boston MA, and $10 million in Mt. View CA. Michael has helped 40+ top-quality CEO’s raise $120+ million in equity during his career. He also co-managed VC Funds such as $58-million Schroder Ventures in Silicon Valley (1984-87) with superior 27% annual returns over a ten-year period.

  • hands-on startup, strategic turnaround, and Board member (7x) experience, incl. crisis management.
  • five IPO’s among client/investee companies while a VC in California, prime winner Stratacom.
  • public CFO twice, including Avaterra virtual worlds, one of the first on-line social networking sites.
  • private CFO multiple times, incl. joining Internolix as US CEO-CFO  as part of an $85 mm IPO.
  • corporate venture portfolio management for 5 years of a $58 million Fund in California.
  • raised or invested more than $100 million in early-stage technology growth company deals.
  • P&L sales/marketing responsibility up to $425mm, managing 50 sales reps.
  • Created two charities in Germany and Peru, the Calmeyer Foundation and the Peruvian Childrens Fund.


  • MBA from Kellogg-Northwestern 1977 in Finance, Marketing, International Policy.
  • Yale magna cum laude BA in 1975 in dual-major Archaeology and Economics.
  • ESSEC in Paris, France 1976, MBA exchange program.
  • 4 years adjunct professor teaching at the Duke-Fuqua Executive MBA Program.
  • Published three premium-priced PDF books dealing with in-depth technology market and equity research.
  • Fluent in French and German